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John F. Cogswell, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist who began his adult career as chief psychologist at the Brattleboro Retreat in Vermont.  In 1959, he became a senior research leader at Systems Development Corporation in Santa Monica, CA.

John Cogswell

While there, he was instrumental in designing the first computer based counseling system and designing and developing the first computer simulation program for the research and design of educational systems. From 1965-1968, under the tutelage of James FT Bugental, Ph.D., he experienced humanistic existential psychotherapy, and later studied Jungian and Bioenergetic psychotherapy.

Through 1982-2002 he received empowerments and training with the Tibetan lamas and took his Bodhisattva vows with the Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche.  In 1993 he published an article in the Journal of Humanistic Psychology entitled “Walking in Your Shoes™: Towards Integrating A Sense of Self with A Sense of Oneness”.  For the past 15 years he has continued to research and develop this transpersonal process with professional colleagues and patients. He now trains professionals in the use of  the Walking in Your Shoes™ method and practices psychotherapy in Los Angeles and in Santa Barbara, California.  Dr. Cogswell can be reached at johnfitzhu@cox.net

Actor, writer and director, Joseph Culp, co-founded Walking-In-Your-Shoes™  with John Cogswell, Ph.D. in Los Angeles during the late-eighties.   In 1986 he began working with Dr. Cogswell exploring the use of this “Body/Mind” approach.   Seeing the possibilities for both psychotherapy and performing arts, they began an experimental research group comprised of some of Culp’s fellow actors.

Joseph Culp

By 1990 Culp and Cogswell had formed a second group to study the effects of Walking, this time putting performers and therapists together for their reciprocal abilities; Performers were willing to use their bodies and emotions freely, while therapists had been trained to be observant of psychological effects and healing benefits.

Inspired by their findings, Culp formed the Walking Theatre Group in 1992 to work specifically with actors, writers and directors using the Walking-In-Your-Shoes™ process.  In a workshop format, members were trained to apply the method to their needs as performing artists; Actors could walk characters, writers could walk their own work, and director’s could gain deeper insight and facilitate their vision through the highly effective process.  By using the group and doing multiple “walks” of people and characters, the members found deeper levels of humanity that could further inspire their individual work and any project as a whole.  It was in this period that Culp refined the Walking work for training by creating repeatable “guidelines” that would lead trainees into Walking with the most freedom, truth and  benefit. For more information about Joseph's Walking Circle for the creative arts, visit his web site at www.josephculp.com

In 1992 Alexandra Katehakis joined the Walking Theatre Group at the invitation of Joseph Culp.   Her experience with WIYS and her work with John Cogswell changed her life dramatically.  As a result, she continued to deepen her understanding of  WIYS and has been active in developing this transpersonal bodymind therapy process for the past fourteen years.

Alexandra Katehakis

  By the mid-nineties, she co-founded the Walking-In-Your-Shoes™ Group and was instrumental in the organization of promoting WIYS and facilitating experiential workshops for the public.  Around 1994, Ms. Katehakis and Janet Lester, Psy.D. began a monthly WIYS woman’s group called The Full Moon Women’s Walking Group.  Shortly, the individuals reported feeling the effects of WIYS through the changes developing in their lives and through feeling a more cohesive sense of community and sisterhood with one another.  In the past two years Ms. Katehakis and Dr. Cogswell have co-lead WIYS workshops for The Forge Guild and for individuals in Los Angeles.

 On April 26, 2005 she and John demonstrated Walking-In-Your-Shoes™ at the Science and Consciousness Conference to a enthusiastic crowd in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Alexandra Katehakis, MFT, CSAT, CST is a psychotherapist and Certified Facilitator of WIYS practicing in Beverly Hills.  Ms. Katehakis is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and  Certified Sex Therapist specializing in sexuality issues for couples and individuals and offers Walking-In-Your-Shoes Workshops for Individuals in Transition.  She is also a member of The Forge Guild, an international organization of trans-traditionally oriented spiritual leaders and teachers.  For more information about her work as a therapist and upcoming events, visit her website at www.alextherapy.com and her web blog at www.centerforhealthysex.com  For  information about her personal value statement go to www.theforge.org 

Lauren Martin-Culp is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Doula (Birth/Postpartum), and Educator with a therapy practice in Los Angeles.
An original co-founder of the WIYS process, in 1990 she participated in John Cogswell’s  first research group comprised of therapists and artists studying the transformational effects of WIYS.

Lauren Culp

   She continued to help develop the process over the last fifteen years in the Walking Theatre Group, the WIYS Psychotherapist Group led by Dr. Cogswell, and in related WIYS workshops and seminars.
Lauren is a mother of two, postpartum health, birth and newborn specialist.  Her private practice focuses on Couples/Individuals, children and teens; Birth preparation/postpartum health, newborns, infertility, and adoption.

   Lauren is a member of the Global Association of Interpersonal Neurobiology Studies (GAINS), Dr. Daniel Siegel’s study groups, Postpartum International & APPPAH (www.birthpsychology.com). She leads several Mommy/Educational/Support Groups on a monthly basis in Los Angeles. Lauren is a member of the California Teacher's Association.

Email Lauren at Lauren@wellbirth.com
Lauren Martin Culp, M.A., LMFT, Cert. Doula, Cert. Postpartum Doula, Mst.